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ReThink Homelessness

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Take 60 seconds today to watch Dr. David Uth from First Baptist Orlando talk about solutions to homelessness. Leaders recently visited Houston to see how that community helped over 50% of those on the streets in just 3 years! ... See MoreSee Less

Community leaders from Orlando traveled to Houston to learn how they have reduced chronic homelessness. Dr. David Uth gives his comments on what he saw.

1 week ago

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Robyn BergerNo person in America should be homeless. We have money for people who cross our borders!1 week ago   ·  4
Gina RodriguezSo proud of my pastor! ♡ :)7 days ago   ·  1
Tony GulledgeOrlando so needs this.7 days ago   ·  1
Kim HoustonI love Pastor Uth7 days ago   ·  1
Da RraNot by what I am way.3 days ago
Melissa Morris MishoeI-Dignity, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, helps people, at no cost to the client, get IDs, giving people a hand up, not a handout. Many of I-Dignity's clients are homeless. These ID documents allow people to access employment, housing, education, banking, and social services.6 days ago
Carmen Mcginnislove to listen to Psrtr Uth!!!6 days ago
Susan Browning NicholsI see our pastors are both in Houston this week Janet Gallancy Franklin! Awesome that they are doing this!6 days ago
Nancy InmonDavid Uth is awesome.6 days ago
Karen HillLinda Brett-Kell- The VA has social workers on each team. IF the veteran is enrolled at the VA there is help for them. Please inbox me and I will see what I can do to help you. There is help but many times the information is not given.7 days ago
Miriam Diaz CordovaFacebook or Apple or 911 blocking sound of video.7 days ago
Amy MayMany people in Orlando are homeless. Also other city in fl7 days ago
Carmen LopezAmen , l loved.1 week ago
Linda Brett-KellI'm currently helping a homeless Veteran and his family greatest need transportation so they can look for jobs get groceries go to VA clinic .This family and many others living in area motels need more than can goods and a free meal. Many can and want to get back in the workforce. How do we find transportation for them? Anyone know some car dealerships with a big heart?1 week ago
Amy KinserAhhh miss him and First Baptist!!1 week ago
Andrea SimoneI want help I'm Brazilian Missionária please contact me on inbox please1 week ago
Cris FieldI'd even work with a Baptist preacher if he's got some workable ideas.1 week ago
Becki FinnWonderful.7 days ago

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Via @joshuacjohnson: #rethinkhomelessness A 6-foot-5 inch basketball prospect, Isaiah Lamb and his parents found themselves crammed into a Hyundai Elantra and using a local laundromat not only to wash clothes and their bodies – Lamb also used it as his study hall. "Many nights I would cry looking at him, because he was crunched up in the back (of the car)," Isaiah's mother, Valerie, said. "I would say, 'You all right?' He would say, 'I'm all right, Ma.'" #homeless #homelessyouth #familyhomelessness #homelessfamilies #sports #sportsillustrated #highschool #athlete
Repost via @joshuacjohnson: Mayor Buddy Dyer announced a new, million-dollar plan Tuesday to help deal with Orlando's homeless population. The new approach involves city leaders using $1 million to house chronically homeless people in apartments throughout Orlando, with the hope of getting some people off the streets for good. Homelessness has been a problem Orlando has been trying to deal with for years. There are about 900 people living on the streets whom the city classifies as "chronically homeless," people who suffer from a physical or mental illness that prevents them from taking care of themselves. "We have made a commitment as the city of Orlando that, over the course of the next three years, we are going to house 300 of these individuals," Mayor Dyer explained. #RethinkHomelessness #homeless #homelessness #Orlando #OrlandoFL
In the past four years, the US has reduced veteran homelessness from 75,000 to 50,000 people after not reducing it at all for three decades. How do you think this happened? #RethinkHomelessness #USVeterans #HomelessVets #HomelessVeterans #VeteranHomelessness #Compassion #IHAN #InvisiblePeople #invppl #Orlando #OrlandoFL
#LaborDay is a relaxing time off of work for many people. During the celebrations today let's take a moment to remember our chronically homeless neighbors who wish they could work but are unable to due to physical or mental disabilities.#RethinkHomelessness #ihaveaname #IHAN #InvisiblePeople #Invppl #Disabled #mentalhealth #mentalillness
Many #homeless youth are stuck on the streets because of abuse, abandonment, or family rejection. Foster children, domestic or sexual abuse survivors, and #LGBT youth are at the highest risk for homelessness. ‪#‎RethinkHomelessness‬ #homelesskids #homelessyouth #lgbtyouth #homelessness #domesticabuse #domesticviolence #domesticabuseawareness
At last night’s @mtv #VMA awards show, @mileycyrus donated her acceptance speech to a formerly #homelessyouth, Jesse from @myfriendsplace in Los Angeles, to bring awareness to the devastating problem of #youthhomelessness. Jesse shared his story of living in multiple shelters and encountering youth all over the country that are “starving and lost and scared for their lives.” Sadly, his journey is similar to stories we encounter around the country and here in #CentralFlorida. We would like to help Miley shine a light on youth homelessness by asking everyone to rethink what homelessness is and who it effects. Most youth who end up on the streets have suffered abuse, trauma, and neglect. They are not rebellious kids who simply make bad choices; they are our youngest tragedies that deserve our greatest compassion & support. Thank you Miley, for bringing awareness to a sector of society that is not discussed often enough in our communities. #RethinkHomelessness #homeless #homelessness #invisiblepeople #invppl #work2change Photo via: MTV Instagram