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It's not easy for a region to rethink an issue as big as homelessness. But for the last three years, Central Florida has been on a journey to shift the momentum in favor of change. It's happening. And we need your help.



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August 6
Transparent: A Day in the Life of the Veterans Surge
by Brenda K. Colter, Surge Volunteer How many times I have driven do
June 29
Help End Veteran Homelessness
The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness needs your help. We are launching
homeless youth central florida
April 30
Homeless Children: Life On The Streets
Many homeless children end up on the streets because of horrific abuses in the h
Homeless Teens
April 24
Homeless Teens: Abandoned. Lost. Forgotten.
Homelessness among our youth has been a growing issue. There are an estimated 1.
Homelesness Lost Hope
April 8
My heart broke as I positioned myself to take his picture. He had his cap in his
April 6
Running Out Of Gas
I"ve run out of gas. I know you"ve seen her, we"ve all seen her. She is the w
Homeless Children
March 30
The Story Of Lee
Every story has a beginning, and this story begins with Lee"s mother, Diane.
March 18
Rethinking Homelessness for Veterans
Today the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness and our partners at triSect
homeless in central florida
March 11
Context is critical in order to understand what someone means when they make a s
Misconceptions about the homeless
March 3
The Four Biggest Misconceptions About Homelessness

Do Our Myths Prevent Us From Ending Homelessness?

In the United Stat
Homeless family in Orlando, FL panhandling for help.
February 19
What can be done for the homeless?
What can be done for the homeless? How can I help? These are questions we
February 3
Last Year We Changed Minds, This Year We Must Change Lives.
Bums, panhandlers, hobos, and other names are often used to describe the homeles
becoming part of the homelessness solution
January 27
Part of the Solution
My employment started with the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness on Jan
November 26
Real Lives, Real Stories: Antonio
Posted By: Matt Kenyon Many of the homeless in the Orlando c
Christ Has No Body But Yours
Posted by: Joseph Buranosky; Executive Director - Catholic Charities of Cent
I have a name. I am a person.
Posted By: Dr. David Swanson - Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of O
Rethinking Homelessness The Real Stories of the Homeless in Central Florida
Posted by: Andrae Bailey, CEO- Central Florida Commission on Homelessness Stere
June 6
Homeless Celebrate to the Song of the Summer
This summer, the world has been dancing to Justin Timberlake's new sing

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