Homeless Children: Life On The Streets

Rethink Homelessness on April 30, 2015

Many homeless children end up on the streets because of horrific abuses in the home.  Of those youths 46% reported physical abuse, 17% sexual abuse, and 38% report emotional abuse in the home.

According to a study by YouthCare that sampled homeless youth:

  • 33% had been in foster care
  • 51% had been physically abused
  • 60% of girls & 23% of boys reported sexual abuse
  • Between 20% & 40% of runaways had been sexually abused compared to 1% – 3% of general youth

Sadly, the abuse from home can be only a precursor to the abuses they will find in the streets. Almost half online casino of homeless youths suffer from some sort of mental health issues, either before or after life on the streets. Over 100,000 homeless youth will be victims of sexual slavery. Almost half of homeless females will end up pregnant and most will be forced to give up their children at birth or they will lose them shortly after. Homeless Youth are 7x more likely to die from AIDS. More than half of youth on the street will be assaulted. The list of abuses seems to go on forever.

Next time you pass a person on the streets imagine what path brought them to where they are. Homeless children very often become homeless adults.

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