If You’re a Landlord

It’s your choice, as always…

  • BONUSES! The City of Orlando has provided a $500 incentive to landlords who house clients from the City of Orlando and Orange County. An additional $500 is available to that same landlord after the client stays continuously housed over the next six months.
  • A network of support: Tenants will have assistance, including home visits, to ensure the success and landlords will enjoy one point of contact for questions or concerns.
  • Guaranteed rent payments: A subsidy will pay most if not all of the rent. Tenants who make partial payments will be monitored to make sure their portion is paid on time.
  • Very limited risk: Central Florida Supportive Housing Program (CFSHP) tenants aren’t more likely than other renters to damage property. CFSHP landlords may receive compensation if significant property repairs are necessary.
  • Master lease opportunities: Funding is available on a limited basis for master leasing arrangements.
  • The chance to change lives: Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live. By offering your units to our tenants, you are helping people take charge of their lives and making our community a better place to live.


Help Them Find a House