Last Year We Changed Minds, This Year We Must Change Lives.

Rethink Homelessness on February 3, 2015

Bums, panhandlers, hobos, and other names are often used to describe the homeless people we see wandering down the streets, pushing shopping carts, and sleeping in doorways.  Often we try not to make eye contact for fear they will ask us for something. We may feel sorry for them, but often feel helpless to do anything.  Many are perceived as abusing alcohol or drugs. Many do, others are just ill with mental diseases and disabilities.


As part of a large scale effort to find solutions to the issue of homelessness, last year, the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness put together a campaign to encourage people to Rethink Homelessness and to see that behind the eyes of every street person there is a story that needs to be told and a solution that needs to be found.  There are also the “hidden” homeless amongst us, the families with children staying in motels, or couches and in cars. There are also the online casino survivors of domestic violence who need a safe place to be, away from those who hurt them.


Orlando City Soccer Club Billboard Rethink Homelessness


Last year we changed minds, this year we must change lives.


Leaders from around the community are stepping up to do something about homelessness. Mayors, Commissioners, corporate leaders, the faith community, and others are stepping forward with their time, talent, and treasures to make an impact in this community.


The wheels are turning, and while the process may seem long, the end result will be a change in how we serve the least of these in our community. Those who are struggling with mental illness, disabilities, and economic distress that have put them out of their homes and seeking shelter.


The leaders from Central Florida are now standing up proudly throughout the region and holding up signs for all to see showing their support of moving the needle forward to make homelessness rare, brief, and one time.


Everyone can play a part in this change.


Buddy Dyer Rethink Homelessness Billboard


You can make a difference today.


Don’t let the conversation stop here. Go to the  and sign the pledge today.  Let’s Rethink Change together.



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