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The Make It a Home Move-In Kit Project is a great way for volunteer groups to make an impact in the lives of formerly homeless individuals as they move into a new housing unit. This volunteer project is ideal for faith groups, civic groups, companies, and other service groups. By organizing your group and putting together the registry items into what we call “kits,” you will give a new start to individuals moving off the streets and into permanent housing. Some of the people you could help have not had a true home for a long time; for these people, knowing that they have a secure, reliable place to call home, out of the rain and heat, with a comfortable bed, a shower, and somewhere to store and cook food restores their human dignity. By coordinating with us, organizations like yours can let them know that there are people out there that won’t ignore them like so many have.

The goal of this project is to find organizations to assemble the items on the checklist (which are available below) in order to turn a simple apartment into a home. The components of the move-in kit are valued at $409.  In some cases, it may be possible for the groups to set up the space for the new tenant before they move in.

Permanent Supportive Housing makes more moral and financial sense than keeping a person on the streets. Supportive housing pairs housing subsidies with wrap-around case management services such as healthcare, substance abuse treatment, mental healthcare, and money management. These services help to keep people in housing and lead to lifelong stability. Permanent Supportive Housing has the power to dramatically change lives; your group can make that housing special by making it a home.

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Click Here to Download the Make It a Home Checklist for Apartments (PDF)

Click Here to Download the Make It a Home Volunteer Instructions (PDF)