Why Rethink?

Thinking & Acting Differently

Community wide efforts are absolutely necessary to substantially impact homelessness in our neighborhoods and cities. For Central Florida specifically, the City of Orlando is finding revolutionary ways towards doing their part to change the thought process about homelessness.


We are asking Central Florida to Rethink Homelessness

Rethink Homelessness is just that…it’s a strategic creative grassroots initiative to help the community rethink who the homeless really are in Central Florida. Many people are surprised to learn that 80% of our community’s homeless are families and children. This is a statistic that is rising more and more as our shelters, streets, and forests are being filled with families barely surviving in silence. Most of those families impacted were getting by just fine before one unfortunate event led to their homelessness. Living in tents in forests or using cars as temporary homes is the new reality for so many Central Florida families. Help us get our message out there that we really need to ReThink Homelessness in America.